Divide and Conquer

Phoebe Buffay, Staff

The 64th annual Wolsborn Drasovich Wyoming State Math Contest brought hardship, pride, and laughter. This year the knowledge of various age groups was tested by different mathematical concepts. Andrew Speight (11) placed eighth and Kallianne Bliss (11) placed sixth in their division. “I came walking into the competition with unimaginable amounts of anxiety. I just tried to focus, and when they called my name I jumped out of my seat with excitement,” recalled Kallianne. If the calculations are correct, the mathletes took joy in competing at the competition. When the students got back to the school, pizza was served and Riley Carpenter (9) explained, “I think my mind wasn’t in the right place.” Adviser and math teacher Mr. Chacon replied, “I know, I graded your test.” Laughter flooded the room, and the day ended with a sine of enjoyment.