The Anatomy of a Volleyball Uniform


Kallianne Bliss, Editor

Did you know that each part of a volleyball uniform plays a critical role in the outcome of a gameOf course, most people think about the knee pads that protect the kneecap and guard the knee against scrapes and burns, but what about all the other important aspects of the uniform? The spandex shorts allow for an incredible range of motion when needing to move quickly for the ball, and long socks are worn as a quick dirt brush off for the bottom of their shoes when playing on dirty courts. You may think the long sleeve jerseys are worn for good looks, but that’s not all they entail. Long sleeve jerseys keep players warm when the gym is on the chillier side, and they help absorb sweat on players arms, which then helps setters because the ball won’t be as slick. Kiley Still (12) explained, “Its also common to tape two of your fingers together for added support and strength when setting, but most setters only do it when they have an injury.